Business Email Solutions

All of our clients get email services based on Microsoft Exchange as a part of one of the suites of Microsoft 365 available to businesses. Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, is a line of subscription services offered by Microsoft which adds to and can include the Microsoft Office product line. Microsoft 365 subscription plans include a set of apps that help you stay connected and get things done.

There are many Microsoft 365 options to choose from, and we are experts in helping you choose the right one for you.

365 eMail Signatures
This is where your struggle with email signature management ends. It can feel like a constant battle to manage email signatures in a way that is both straightforward and ensures consistency. Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud transforms the process of email signature management, allowing email signature designs, banners and variations to be created and deployed to all users at the push of a button. Email signatures are immediately present on all messages sent from any device. This means that they can be easily changed to instantly incorporate your latest promotion or achievement for everyone, no matter how big your organisation is.


  • Manage email signatures centrally online.
  • Design and edit business email signatures using an intuitive drag-and-drop designer to create templates that adhere to your corporate branding.
  • Use contact information taken from your user directory to include accurate details in every signature template.
  • Instantly deploy email signature designs, ensuring every email sent by every user always has a professional email signature applied.
  • Assign email signatures to specific groups or users based on your organisation's needs.
  • Target different audiences with specific email signature templates based on a recipient’s email address.
  • Schedule email signatures by using simple options that automate changes.
  • Deploy email signatures at the push of a button with Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud.
  • Assign email signature templates to specific groups and departments within your organization.
  • Allow for different internal and external signatures or specify target audiences for account-based email signature marketing.
  • Schedule email signatures to automatically switch between designs as needed – perfect for highlighting an event, advertising a sales promotion, and more.
  • Set up reply email signatures for ongoing email conversations.
  • Let users choose which email signature template to use from within their Outlook/Gmail client and/or apply signatures after an email is sent.

A solution you can trust
Securely control access to the Exclaimer Signature Management Cloud portal with role-based access control (RBAC) and associated permissions. Trust a solution with a proven record of over 99.99% uptime, hosted in six separate global data centre pairs designed for high redundancy without compromising data residency. Ensure your privacy is protected by choosing a solution with industry-approved accreditations like the ISO/IEC 27001 standard and registry with the Cloud Security Alliance’s STAR program.

Hassle-free deployment
Let us take the hassle out of deploying exclaimed for you. We will design the signatures, write all of the required logic for you and deploy your solution to all of your staff. As part of our support package, we will also cope with adds, removes and changes as required.