We understand that excellent hardware is an investment in the productivity of your business. We offer advice on what is good value and the difference between that and cheap. Your business productivity is linked to the quality of the services that hold it together. IT hardware is a crucial part of that. We supply all hardware brands as appropriate for the project and in line with your business goals. In particular, we supply the following Brands.

  • HP
  • Draytek
  • Netgear
  • Lenovo
  • Microsoft
  • Iiyama
  • Dell
  • Synology

How to choose a computer
It can be hard to choose IT hardware from the massive range available and at an extensive range of prices.

The critical thing to think of is how you will use it.

  • Will you need a light device because you carry it a lot?
  • Do you need a large screen?
  • What type of user are you, a power user or mainly email and documents?  
  • Laptop or desktop?
  • Windows or Mac?
  • What type of Keyboard do you need?
  • How much memory do you need?
  • What is the correct processor to choose?
  • What storage is best for performance?

These questions and more can be an absolute minefield when choosing any IT hardware. This is where our expertise saves you money. We look at the total cost of ownership for any solution we recommend. This means we often will recommend the cheapest solution we will recommend the best. The one that will perform to your requirements for the longest. We will also ensure you do not over-specify your solution; often, there are features you just don't need. We are big believers in keeping IT simple. Simple IT keeps doing the job more often and more prolonged, thus reducing your Total Cost of Ownership.

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