Telephone Systems

At Positive, we understand how IT and Telephony have converged. Fast communication solutions are vital to the success of all businesses.

We have partnered with leading providers to offer the best solutions in the telephony market.

We provide a revolutionary hosted solution, Enhanced UC, and our fast and reliable internet connections firmly position us at the forefront of the industry. We benefit from direct peering agreements with crucial cloud providers and carriers, which allows us to provide you with voice-assured connections.

We provide business-grade voice solutions from the latest Hosted Telephony solutions and SIP channels to traditional Analogue, ISDN2 & ISDN30 channels.

We also provide multi-network mobile business solutions, utilising O2, Vodafone & EE Networks to ensure your area has the best network connectivity on the best tariff available.

Hosted Voice

Hosted Telephony from Positive Computing is a flexible, cost-effective solution that utilises VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. Hosted technology is perfect for businesses of any size, with any number of sites, from one user working at home to an entire office with external branch offices. With the latest handsets on offer, inclusive call packages, flexible terms and excellent functionality – Hosted is quickly becoming the chosen phone system for businesses.

Hosted Telephony is easy to use, feature-rich and completely resilient. We empower you to be in control of your system but safe, knowing that we're to help you anytime you need it. Control call routing and failovers for every number, set up day-to-day scheduling, change user profiles and control all the built-in functionality of the phone system through the intuitive web-based portal.

Businesses are evolving, frequently taking a flexible approach to work locations; with the mobile app, you and your team can make and receive calls as if sitting behind the desk, presenting the business number and utilising your business call plans. Furthermore, the integrated Desktop software and optional softphone equip your laptop or PC to become an extension of your phone system, offering click-to-dial, call transfer and full phone access.

Enhanced UC
Enhanced UC is an extensive hosted telephone system; with over 75,000 users taking advantage of the highly resilient solution, with 99.999% uptime since its creation over ten years ago, and located in 3 UK Data centres.

Enhanced UC is the ultimate Unified communications platform in the market, utilising market-leading Cisco Handsets, Mobile apps, Softphones, and Desktop Software integration. It is controlled anywhere through its intuitive web-based administration portal.

Furthermore, it's packed with features such as Presence, Hunt Groups, Auto-Attendant (IVR), Voice Recording, conference bridge, and built-in Disaster Recovery/Diversions.

Market Leading Handsets
Enhanced UC supports the latest Cisco & Yealink handsets, ranging from the popular Cisco 8841 desk phone, with its 5-inch colour screen and the green/red indicator lights to show who's on a call, through to the Yealink CP960 conference phone; with optional microphone, extenders to ensure everyone's heard on those critical conference calls.

Mobile Client
Never miss a call again with the Enhanced UC Mobile Client. Your mobile becomes another device to make, receive and transfer calls from, presenting your chosen number, so your customers always know who’s calling whilst still utilising your Enhanced UC Call plans.

Full Telephony use | Presence | Call Transfer | Contacts List | Call Record | 3-way Calling | Call History | Visual Voicemail

Desktop Client & Soft Phone
Make, receive and transfer calls directly from your PC or laptop. Integrate with a headset for clear communication. Complete control of your desk phone from your PC or Laptop.

Chat | Presence | Click to Dial | Text messages | Call Diversion | Call Transfer

Reception Console (PC Soft client)
Empower your receptionist with the Enhanced UC Reception console. The feature-rich desktop software allows your receptionist to drag and drop calls to staff, adjust call queues and manage incoming calls quickly and efficiently.

Night and day mode override | Drag and Drop call transfer | Redirect calls to Voicemail | Built-in conference bridge


Positive Computing offers multiple networks and Tariffs. Business mobiles are quickly becoming the main point of contact, especially if you travel for work or are in a role that is not desk-bound. It is essential to ensure you have the right network with the correct data allowances and call bundles for your needs.

With great pricing from Positive Computing, our dedicated team will ensure you're always on the right network & tariff for your requirements – offering flexible data, international tariffs, and the latest handset models.

The right network with the right network
We pride ourselves on being able to give you accurate, unbias advice on your network operator and tariff. We work with O2, EE, and Vodafone, meaning we can truly tailor the right package for you.

Perhaps you're travelling abroad frequently, maybe you have multiple data-only devices, or you need to refresh your allowances - Speak with us today and see how we can help you.

Sim Only
We can offer both SIM-only deals or take your pick from the latest handsets. Furthermore, you can pay upfront for your handset choices or split the cost across your contract for total flexibility.