Another smooth migration to Office 365 notched up

You can use Positive Computing rather like an insurance company, keeping us in the background until something goes wrong, or you can use us more like an insurance broker and get advice and support to minimise the risk… which is just what Macbeths Chartered Insurance brokers and Independent Financial Advisors did!

Macbeths’ journey with Positive Computing began over breakfast of all places as director Tony Gibbs reveals in a case study about the service we provide.

He says: “It was a BNI meeting on a Friday morning in Reading where we first met Positive Computing and over the weeks we got to know them quite well. This came just as we outgrew our IT supplier.” Going on to explain: “Initially we began using Positive Computing for ad-hoc stuff, and then again, as we grew, we got more staff, more computers; we found that it was necessary for us to have some sort of formalised support whereby if there was a problem, we could just get on the phone to Positive Computing and they’d sort it for us. It was important for us to have that level of IT support.”

It was also another smooth migration to Office 365 notched up. We really are rather good at this, especially as our clients say so and we used Macbeths as a case study with Microsoft. Tony Gibbs again: “Originally we were using Microsoft SharePoint when Positive talked about Office 365 and seamlessly switched us over, in fact Microsoft chose us as a case study for Office 365 to showcase how it can be used. It enables us to collaborate more easily, share documents seamlessly, access emails from any location; so really just helping us to run the business really smoothly and professionally.”

As ever we take it as an exceptionally good sign when our clients refer us to their clients, although we are especially proud that Macbeths goes one step further, as Tony Gibbs explains in the case study:  “We have recommended Positive Computing to some other brokers that we’re friendly with and we think their service is really good and very supportive. They do what they say on the tin and they generally come up with the answers that we’re looking for. When you make an enquiry because you’ve got a problem, they send you a call log so it’s all recorded and they get back to you once the work has been carried out. It is very good service and they keep in touch.”

Speaking of keeping in touch, we would love to hear from you if Office 365 or other IT support is something you wish to discuss. Hopefully you have read our growing number of case studies and will see just how great our clients say we are. So please contact Positive Computing within your questions.

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