Case Study – House of Colour

Image consultants House of Colour might be the experts when it comes to personal styling, however when it comes to finding the right IT support for the UK headquarters of this global brand they asked Positive Computing to strut its stuff.

IT and Projects Director Jackie Perkins takes up the story:

“We first heard about Positive Computing through a referral. We were going out to tender to find someone to help with implementing new hardware/software infrastructure and Positive Computing came into the mix.

“To be honest when I heard about Positive Computing I thought ‘That’s support, that’s not what we’re looking for right now’, however I followed it up and made contact and discovered they could help with new infrastructure and more besides. It turned into them helping us to relocate, taking on our support contract and general ongoing IT support.

The migration was seamless and minimised the down time so House of Colour could quickly carry on supporting the franchisees across the UK.

“It turned out well given that what we were looking for was someone looking to pitch for a bit of hardware and a bit of software and then I looked at it and saw the support and thought ‘ I’ll touch base and find out what they are so I know where to bring them into the mix’.

“They came in through referral; it was one of my co-directors who had worked with them before at Dexter Montague in Reading and she asked us to consider them because she had a good experience with Positive Computing.

“The migration was seamless and minimised the down time so House of Colour could quickly carry on supporting the franchisees across the UK. Positive ongoing provides general support, but we’re looking at Office 365 going forward and talking to them about this.

“While I have a background in IT we appreciate the up to date support and especially like having Julian Lewis coming in saying “What about this?” and “What about that?” and how to save us money and Positive Computing can do a stepped approach investment, so while I have an annual review with him, the reality is they’re available whenever I want to ask anything.

“For example they have just come back with information about Surface Pros, and given good feedback on that because I was asking him about laptops. That’s the kind of proactivity you need with an IT firm. I genuinely think they are waiting for our calls, which is good as we are encouraging our staff to use Positive Computing as our helpdesk.

“We don’t have an internal IT person, that is to say we don’t have a dedicated IT person and I do quite a lot of other things However, I think it would be easy for a business like Positive Computing to assume that we’re more capable than we actually are.

I would certainly recommend Positive Computing. I find them friendly and professional, easy to work with and knowledgeable. , Productivity is probably our most important requirement and I think they’ve got a lot to offer. We like that – and we like them.”

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