Why Executive Communication Centres refer us!

At Positive Computing we are always delighted when a satisfied client refers us other businesses and for Executive Communication Centres, who offer high end office provision across the UK, that has led to a tremendous amount of business being sent our way.

In one of our growing number of powerful case studies created by Berkshire public relations company Morgan PR you hear first-hand what the Managing Director of EEC, Tony Waldron thinks about the Positive Computing approach.

We service all seven of the ECC offices and recently migrated them to Office 365, as Tony Waldron explains in the case study:

“They didn’t tell us that we needed to move to Office 365; they said we might want to. We tend to have quite a lot of traffic back and forth between our centres, and our accounting systems flies overhead as well, so our sales are in our centres and our purchasing is in our head office, and they said that it would be a good idea to do this. Not only because it’ll make life more efficient for you, but also you’ll be able to share files, you won’t be so reliable on physical servers decaying by the day, and they were very helpful in allaying my fears of giving over all of my material goods and giving them to somewhere in the ether. So they were very good in that respect, and they worked with us to get about 40 people across onto Office 365 at the same time, so we went home on Friday night and went back in on Monday morning and it was all done with no problems. It was excellent.

He goes on to explain when ECC recommends Positive Computing and you soon understand why it has led to so many new clients for us.

“We offer a five star service and when one of our clients asks for help with IT we make the connection to Positive, and say ‘We’re not experts in IT, these guys are. They’re not only the experts, but they’re quite nice too. So you need to go to them in terms of what you want from your IT, and they will provide you with both the broadband service and also any other ancillary things as well like troubleshooting and online backup for you as well. So you have a menu of choice and you can get all the things that you need through Positive.’

“I’d say most people in one way or another take it up. It’s helpful for us, because it’s more or less under one roof, and secondly we know that they’re going to get a comprehensive service. And we have about 90 individual offices within each of our buildings, so there is a fair number of clients.

Finally Tony Waldron talks about our personal approach to clients and it clearly wins favour:

“We shy away from companies where you get handed off to an account manager or a regional manager, and I know absolutely that if I pick up the phone then I get a response straight away, and they’re interested to either fix the problem or to deal with the opportunity. And that is rare these days. You have to go through lots of management to get things done, and so for me, the only thing that I can say is that they’re always there for us.”

Clearly another satisfied client and delighted they have shared their story. Do check out the case study for yourself and please contact us if you need help migrating to Office 365 or any other IT support.

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